Nyt Ne Tulee Takaisin / Don't Wake Me Up (2014)

1. Those Better Days
2. Don't Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)
3. Nyt Ne Tulee Takaisin
4. Puhuva Pää

ÄSBEEÄS (2013)

1. Nyt Kävi Näin
2.165 Pojat
3. Paskatulva


VG: Laulu ja beisi
Kilu: Rummut ja  törkeesti kaikkea muuta
Paul Stanlee: guitaaaaaaaaaaaarrr

Äänivallilassa duunattu

Illegal Rockin'  (2013-14)

1. Demand Less, Demand SBS!
2. Lead Hanneman
3. Summer Dayz Of ´95
4. Pretty Good Deal
5. Shit & Piss On Me
6. The Even Darker Side Of The Moon

Illegal rockin'  By The Skull & Beans Society.

Vege: vocalz & bass 
Kilpertti: drums & everything
Viltsu: guitaaar

Again an again recorded, mixed & mastered by Kill-U at the still legendary Äänivallila Studios.

Satanicum Neptunus (2012)

1. Satanicum Neptunus
2. I Want Less
3. I Fought The Floor (The Floor Won)
4. Bruce Kulick
5. Channel Surfers Of The World Unite

Illegal rockin'  By The Skull & Beans Society.

VG. Danger Danger: vocalz & bass 
JR. Yoowin: drums & everything
Animal Chin: guitaaar

Again recorded, mixed & mastered by Kill-U at the still legendary Äänivallila Studios.

The So Bored Society!!
In The Attack Of The Gods (2011)

1. Halford & Dio
2. Summer Of Sickness
3. Caffeine Blues
4. (Can You Feel The) X-Mas Heat
5. Suffocatory
6. Skate And Die
7. We're All Dead Meat (Let's Party)

Tunes & blaablaablaaz By The Sick Babyz Society.

VG. Danger Danger: vocalz & bass 
JR. Yoowin: drums & everything
KK. Downinahole: guitaaar

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Kill-U at the legendary Äänivallila Studios.

Dedicated 2 Tikka, Jummijammi, Jugi & Arttu.

Zek kannet isompana, huge covers!
Tuolta löytynee myös biisien sanat, read 'em and weep.

Summer Forever (2010)

Part One: Sunshine & french fries
1. (You Make Me) Hotter Than Hell
2. Alpha Beta Tango
3. 1994

4. You & I
5. Tomorrow Never Comes Tonight

Part Two: The Nightmare Beginz
6. What The Hell Am I Tryin' To Say, I'm Waitin' For The Day That It Comes My Way
7. Paul Stan Lee
8. Gabbarage
9. There's More To Life Than Metal

10. 2135
11. Whatevermind

Melodies, chords, poetry, businezz & pleazure
By The So Bored Society

The Society Boys Are:
Jon Bon Bon: Vocals, bass & a whistle
Paul Stanly: Giiitarrr, gabbarage & ice cream
Mikko "Alcohol" Kilpeläinen: Hit 'n' run & synthesizer

Businezz & pleasure mixed by Kilu
Recorded & mastered by Kill-U at the legendary Äänivallila Studios
Background vocals on tracks 4 & 5 by T. Wanker, hot guitar meltdown on tracks 1,3,4 by T. Milestoner

All rights yeah SBSociety 2010

Biisien sanat, lyrikal shiit.



Animal Eyes (2008)

1. I Don't Know Anything
2. Lazy Lazy Nights
3. Dance Till Death
4. Maybe It's Sumthin' I Ate
5. 1988
6. Teacherz 'N' Kidz
7. Holy Stagediver
8. We're Not Gonna Make it
9. Hey Man! Where's My Life

The So Bored Society:
Roger Adultery: bass, guitar, vocals and backaches
Kill-U: drums, birds and keyboards
Glenn Tiptop: mandolin, keyboards, Kiss, bass and backing vocals

Mother brain and voice behind backing vocals: T.Wanker
Songs 'N'  lyrics by Slippery Butt Society
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Killmister at Äänivallila

It Went To Massage (2006)

1. Hungry Forever
2. Kids Run Free In The City
3. For Those About To Rock (We Double Salute You)
4. 1992
5. Brain Dead
6. Wasting Time
7. General Average
8. Choose Your illusion 2
9. (How About) Crawling Doom
10. Everything We Have We Stole
11. Fight For My World
12. The Generator
13. Rime Of The Ancient Headbanger

The Silky Butt Society:
Kirk O' Bane: Bass & Singsong

Kill-U: Drums
Glenn Tiptop: Guitars & Kiss

Songs & lyrics by Slime Balls Society!!
Guitar assaults in songs 5, 10, 11 & 13 by Simppu
Keyboards by Mr. Fancylove
Recorded & mixed in Äänivallilla by Kill-U
Mastered in Grasslake Studios by Mr. Suotana

Summer EP 2005

1. The Generator
2. Desire
3. Everything We Have We Stole
4. It's Never Too Late To Give Up
5. Dedicated To You
6. 1992

All songs by Summer Boys Society
Recorded & Mixed by Kill-U at Äänivallila

Fail To Rock (2004?)

1. Don't Be A Jerk
2. SBS Anthem
3. Crap Free Radio
4. Yo MC's & DJ's!
5. One Foot In A Grave
6. Fail To Rock
7. Full Of Shit
8. What's Wrong With CD's?
9. Playback Time
10. Slow Death
11. Save The World
12. Disaster Song

The Stinky Breath Society:
VGrock: Vocals & Bass
Kill-U: Drums
VSfingaz: Guitar

Lead guitar on the songs 2 & 12 by Master Simppu
Produced by Super Brothers Society, Action Jackson & Trash Hell
All the songs are home made by Sick Boys Society
Recorded & mixed by Simbow & Santtu Rose-Ann at Noise Factory

Never Find My Bollocks (2003)

1. My Generation
2. Painful Mistakes
3. I Wanna Murder The World
4. Head Explosion
5. Skate Or Die
6. I Gave Up
7. You're Not Elvis / Hypocrite
8. Never Coming Home Tonight
9. Kind Of Girl
10. Hard To Let Go
11. The Skull And Bones Anthem

The Skull & Bones Society!!:
VSfingaz: Guitars, shouts & no complies
Kill-U: Drums, screams & melons
VGBoner: The bass, vocals & no tricks

All songs by Skull & Bones Society
Produced by Hank E.R. Chief
Recorded "live" at Noise Factory by Simbow & Santtu Rose-Ann (they also mixed this damn shit) 31.10.-1.11.2002